Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a common condition, characterized by the overwhelming fear of being perceived negatively by other people, especially in social situations. Also known as social phobia, this is a problem that millions of people deal with. It’s important to note that while most people can feel anxious about an upcoming presentation or meeting with higher-ups at work, social anxiety is distinguishable as it is an extreme fear that is present constantly.

What Is Social Anxiety?

There are two main types of social anxieties: specific social anxiety disorder and generalized social anxiety disorder. Below, I’ll go into the main differences between these two disorders.

Of the two listed above, generalized social anxiety disorder is more common.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

There are a number of symptoms that someone suffering from this condition may exhibit, such as:

How To Treat Social Anxiety

One of the best treatments for social anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with a licensed psychologist, such as myself. CBT is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world (ex. Fear of being judged) are challenged with the aim of changing unwanted behavior patterns (ex. Avoiding social gatherings). Together, we can help you live a life that is not constrained by generalized or specific social anxiety disorder.

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