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How To Periodically Unplug From The News

The news is often filled with negative, stressful stories that can consume our lives over time. Today’s news stories surround us — we see them on the television and internet, we hear them on the radio, and we read about them in magazines and newspapers. Whether it is the latest political conflict or a tragic event, we cannot seem to get away from the news. I often speak with clients about unplugging from the news and in turn, taking a break from technology as a whole. I recommend this to all of my clients and I even try to practice it myself. The news can weigh us down, increase anxieties, and even cause higher levels of anger. By reducing the constant barrage of negative news we can make more room for positive thoughts and energy in our lives.  

Why Is News A Problem?

At its core, news is not inherently bad. It provides information about our daily lives, local, state, and federal government, current events, and more. However, our news channels and the information they provide can lead to more problematic situations. This is because news media has morphed into a constant in our lives due to the volume of it, how we absorb it, and the feelings it inflicts upon us. The sheer quantity of news we are exposed to is exceedingly high. Throughout our day, we receive news from various channels including websites, social media, television, newspapers, apps, podcasts, and more. To make matters worse, the news we are acquiring may or may not be accurate or from acceptable sources.

How we absorb the news can also cause difficulties in our lives. Most of the time, we are passively watching, listening, or reading the news; we do not give it our full attention, meaning we can be easily distracted. More often than not, we will click the next click, or read the breaking story without even thinking. The news is written in such a way to encourage us to continue clicking, especially on the more negative or controversial stories. These stories can then cause us anxiety or anger. The political climate especially continues to be destructive and a source of anxiety. By reading these stories, you may feel personally attacked, without control, or a sense of hopelessness. For other people, these news stories can trigger anger and hatred. Everyone has an opinion and we all feel the need to defend our opinions. Unfortunately, this is not always done in the most positive way, and the news is especially good at inciting these strong negative emotions.

How To Unplug

In order to avoid a toxic relationship with the news, I suggest the following for my clients:

These simple suggestions can effectively reduce the amount of news you are exposed to throughout the day, especially news that is unwanted or unnecessary.

Questions & Consultation

I encourage all of my clients to unplug from the news, and even from technology from time to time. Everything in moderation is healthier. At your South Bay therapy office, I am here to help you if you are struggling with negative or difficult emotions. We all experience these feelings, but the news can exacerbate them. Let’s work together to find a healthy balance, starting with periodically unplugging from the unnecessary amount of news we absorb. As your Manhattan Beach therapist, I want to ensure you feel comfortable and positive about the news around you and in your daily life. For questions or to set up your next consultation, call my South Bay office! Together, we can help you find your ideal balance.