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What Your Halloween Costume Might Say About Your Personality

What does the end of the summer mean to you? For many, it means the beginning of pumpkin carving, candy and halloween costumes. Some of you may already be planning your costume and putting it together. While in no way does your costume define who you are, have you ever thought that it may psychologically have something to say about your personality? Sometimes our choice of costume can speak to an aspect of our personality or what we are experiencing in our lives.

What Is Your Costume Saying About You?

For many people, costumes are about exploring not who you already are, but who you aren’t. Young adults especially are in a stage of their lives when trying on different roles has extra intriguing and exciting elements. If you choose to wear a characteristically “sexy” costume, there may be a few things behind it. It is possible that you are trying to meet someone special. On the other hand, this decision could represent your repressed sexuality. Maybe on normal days you aren’t comfortable wearing anything flaunting your body, and today is the day to go all-out. This seems to be the case for most.

Choosing to wear (or make) a costume exuding imagination and creativity could also mean a few things. Pop culture and make-your-own costumes are particularly strong conversation starters. They require meticulous planning and organizational skills, and a person who is particularly willing to put a good amount of time, energy and focus into a task. These people usually like to leave an impression and start a social conversation.

Choosing to wear horror or fantasy-based costumes can also mean a few different things. This group of people are imaginatives who are also hoping to connect and interact with others. If you choose to wear something that represents innocence, maybe this is a display of your loss of innocence, and your yearning to retreat to an easier, simpler time.

If you decide to wear particularly humorous costumes, maybe this is a way of stepping out of your serious nature for a day and bringing out a hidden side of yourself. If you identify as a free-spirited and humorous person regularly, maybe you choose this route because you are worried that anything too serious may give people a tainted idea of who you are.

If you go with powerful characters or costumes that display high status, this could be your desire to exert power over others for the holiday.

Dr. Kelly Mothner – South Bay Therapist

Think about the costume you are considering wearing. Does it fall under any of these categories? If so, think deeper and note if these descriptions have any relevance. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. This is not necessarily a fool-proof equation; everyone is different! These are just some ideas based on years of experience and conversations with clients, where I suggest that generally, people’s costume choices may give insight into their character.

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