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Valentine’s Day For Singles – Keeping Your Spirits High

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while for most this is a joyous occasion, those who are not in a relationship may find it to be a difficult holiday to get through. While being single might stand out on Valentine’s Day, it certainly is not a negative thing. If you are feeling a bit down on Valentine’s Day, one of the best things you can do is focus on self-love. The following list can help you do this!

Embrace Independence

Go one step beyond distracting yourself from your singleness and instead, embrace it! There is nothing wrong with being single, so focus on the benefits, as opposed to the downsides that you might be feeling.Roses

Treat Yourself to Something Special

If you are still having trouble enjoying yourself on Valentine’s Day, try treating yourself to something that you enjoy. While money cannot buy happiness, it is always nice to treat yourself to a small something that will cheer you up. Consider getting a massage, having your favorite takeout delivered, or going to a movie you have wanted to see.

Go For A Jog

Another great way to release negative feelings that you may experience is through exercise. Not only is it a great distraction, it is a great release. Go for a jog at the park, a swim in the pool, or have a nice yoga session – exercise is highly therapeutic.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

This is perhaps the most important item on this list. It is incredibly important to be happy with oneself, regardless of your relationship status. If you are struggling in this department, I recommend focusing on all the things in life that you are happy about and grateful for, and celebrating your strengths as a person. Above all, embrace the person that you are right now in this moment.

Remember That There Are Many Others In The Same Shoes

Try to get some perspective and remember that there are millions of others that are also single. While you might feel like the only one that is single on Valentine’s Day, you certainly are not. If you are feeling lonely, try reaching out to someone else that you know is single and making plans with them. Do something that is not typical of the holiday – go on a hike, see a movie, or just grab a drink with a friend.

Reach Out To Me

If you are having an especially difficult time with self-esteem or coping with being single, consider coming in for an appointment with Hermosa Beach counselor, Dr. Kelly Mothner. I offer therapy for teens, adults and couples in a comfortable Hermosa Beach, CA office. Feel free to contact me online, or give me a call at (310) 892-2572.