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The Benefits Of Couples Counseling Before Marriage

Seeking counseling prior to marriage can help strengthen a relationship and decrease the potential for it to end in divorce. It teaches each partner in a couple the skills necessary to effectively navigate that challenges that arise in any long-term committed relationship. As a leading couples therapist in the South Bay, I believe that engaging in pre-marital counseling can help reinforce a couple’s healthy communication techniques and prevent harmful relationship patterns from developing. There are many benefits to receiving therapy before saying “I Do” and I highly encourage all couples to participate in it. Find out more below about how it can enrich your future marital relationship!Young wedding  couple. Groom and bride together.


Dealing With The Past

Your past experiences have a lot of impact on your present physical and mental life. Similarly, relationships, both familial and intimate, that you have in the past can significantly affect how you view relationships today. By understanding each other’s pasts, you and your partner can better understand one another and the relational dynamics happening in the present. Those couples that are willing to understand one another’s personal histories and experiences are on a path towards a stronger and more resilient marital relationship.


Strengthening Your Relationship

The building blocks to a successful marriage start with a strong pre-marital foundation. Opening up to each other in therapy and allowing yourselves to be vulnerable with one another before marriage can help deepen your emotional connection and strengthen your ability to communicate. Coming in for counseling prior to the big day helps couples develop vital relationship skills, including conflict resolution and emotional regulation. These skills will ultimately enable them effectively confront and address issues that arise later on in the relationship.


Close up portrait of a happy senior couple smiling outdoorsPreparing For The Future


Many couples have hopes and dreams about what they would like their lives to look like together. By participating in pre-marital counseling, you and your significant other can discuss your individual views of your future together and ensure you are on the same track. Naturally, each partner will have expectations and hopes for the other person and their relationship. It is important to be open and honest about what these expectations are prior to tying the knot. Establishing goals together helps both partners discover how they can work together as a team towards making them a reality.


Get Started Working Towards a Healthy Future

If you are interested in couples therapy in the South Bay, I provide pre-marital and marital counseling services from my Hermosa Beach, CA office. Contact me to get started by giving me a call at 310.892.2572 or emailing me. I look forward to working with you soon!