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The Psychology of Gambling

Gambling can quickly become more than a source of entertainment for many people, as it is often extremely addictive and irresistible. People who have addictive tendencies are more prone to experiencing problems with gambling. People who gamble have a vested interest in betting on the (mostly random) outcome of an event. Whether it is betting on a horse race, or on games of chance such as cards or the lottery, addicted gamblers become obsessed with the prospect of winning large amounts of money, no matter the financial risk.

How Addictions Start

People may begin to gamble for different reasons, such as hoping the odds will be in their favor, the thrill of it all, or the belief that their luck will change. Some people experience gambling fever, which is when someone goes through a phase of winning towards the beginning of their gambling experience which makes them feel like they are particularly good at the game, encouraging them to continue playing. Winning a few times in a row offers a player a sense of euphoria that they may be lacking in other aspects of their life. Also, it is important to note that an individual will be more prone to a gambling addiction if he/she has a family history of addiction, if you have experienced trauma, or if you were exposed to gambling within your family growing up.

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