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The 12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Time management can be tough when you have a large plate of things to get done, but according to a recent article by Business Insider, getting certain things done in the early hours of the day will set you up for success, both professionally and psychologically. How your morning goes is often a determinant of how your day is going to go, so it is important to do your best to begin your day with a good mood. Business Insider claims that there are 12 things that successful people generally do before breakfast, and if you try to fit these in before work or school, you are setting yourself up for a good day ahead.

Here are the 12 things that successful people do in the morning:

  1. Wake up early
  2. Get their exercise in
  3. Work on a top-priority business project
  4. Work on a personal passion project
  5. Spend quality time with family
  6. Connect with their spouses
  7. Network over coffee
  8. Meditate
  9. Write down things they’re grateful for
  10. Plan and strategize
  11. Check their email
  12. Read the newsrelaxed breathing-meditation on yoga mat

As a therapist in Hermosa Beach, I recommend experimenting with your own mornings and try fitting in some or all of the above recommendations. They each hold value in shaping the rest of your day and are aimed at helping set you up for a successful day. Starting your days off productively and energized has a huge impact on your day-to-day mood, and your overall well-being. If you have a positive beginning to your day, you are more equipped to handle any curveballs that get thrown your way throughout the rest of the day.

Two of the most effective ways to start your day off on a good note, in my opinion, are meditation and writing down things you are grateful for. The purpose of meditation is awareness, and having awareness keeps you grounded. Meditating and focusing on your breath will start your day off in a calm way, making you feel at peace throughout the day. Additionally, the practice of daily gratitude has been proven to make you feel better socially, psychologically, and physically. Read more about the powerful effects of gratitude on my blog titled “The Power of Gratitude”.

Paving The Path Towards Success

The road to success is different for everyone, and some might have a more difficult time getting to a point that they are happy with. As a therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA, I recognize that each person has their own routine and I will work with you to figure out ways in which you can build a positive mindset while continuing your personal journey. I provide teen, young adult, adult and couple’s therapy in South Bay, CA, and hope to help you in reaching your fullest potential.