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Staying Calm In the Face Of Natural Disasters

It is always good to be prepared for whatever life may throw your way, especially if what gets thrown your way is a natural disaster. As a trusted counselor in the Hermosa Beach, CA area, I frequently work with clients on how to remain calm in stressful situations. I understand that when a serious situation occurs, one’s first instinct may be to panic. Yet, staying grounded and remaining calm can be incredibly helpful in many situations, especially during a natural disaster. With the recent natural disasters our country has faced, there is no better time to be prepared. That is why I have compiled a list of tips to help you handle any crisis you may be faced with.  

1. Slow Down and Think

Though thinking things through in the face of danger may seem ridiculous, it can actually help prevent many things from going wrong. When we panic, our thoughts tend to race and as a result we make poor decisions. This is why when we rush we are more prone to making thoughtless mistakes that could have been prevented. To counter this tendency, try taking a deep breath to give yourself enough time to process the situation. Take in your surroundings and think through what steps you need to take to deal with the crisis.

2. Be Prepared

Although we may never know when a natural disaster may strike, it is always a good idea to have an emergency plan ready, including an emergency kit ready. I recommend developing a gameplan ahead of time to determine things such as a specific meeting place for you and your loved ones and determining who will grab the emergency kit. This way when an emergency does occur, you will have fewer stressors to worry about and a gameplan in place to avoid chaos and keep you and your loved ones safe.

3. Be Positive

This may seem like a ridiculous concern, but focusing on positive outcomes will help your mind remain calm. When you dwell on the negative, you are more likely to think of the worst possible scenarios, which don’t benefit the situation at all. If necessary, I recommend the “fake it till you make it” strategy. Studies have shown that faking a smile, or an optimistic attitude, can actually lead you to feel happier and can help others around you feel calmer as well.

4. Meditate and Affirm Yourself

In the midst of a natural disaster, chaos is to be expected. It can be overwhelming, stressful, and downright scary. With all these factors combined, it can be difficult to obtain clarity, make a gameplan, or remain calm. If needed, I suggest taking a few moments to meditate and soothe yourself. Sometimes all you need is a minute to get yourself in the right headspace.

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Though it is always good to be prepared, life is filled with surprises. So the next time you find yourself in an emergency situation, try to be calm and obtain clarity. If you are in the Hermosa Beach or South Bay area and still feel anxiety about natural disasters, I’m always here to help. As a counselor and therapist in the Hermosa Beach and South Bay area, I frequently work with clients to help them remain calm in stressful situations so that they can live happier and healthier lives. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or schedule an appointment with me to start your South Bay therapy today!