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Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media has become one of the most dominant aspects of many people’s lives in the past decade. Not only young teens, but adults as well often have their heads down and eyes locked to their phone screens. Scrolling has evolved into the new walking. As common and easy as scrolling through your news feed may be, you are simultaneously chipping away at your mental health. Without even realizing it, your constant participation and consumption of social media can start to negatively impact your mental health.

While no one is here to tell you to quit social media entirely, there have been studies brought to the public’s attention that are crucial to be aware of.

The Hard Facts

The Royal Society for Public Health in the UK conducted a study on social media and mental health. Their study, #StatusofMind, surveyed almost 1,500 people between the ages 14-24 on how certain social media impacts well-being issues such as anxiety, depression, self-identity and body image. More specifically, Instagram came up at the top of the list to negatively impact its users’ mental health.

Social Media Reality

How social media fits into your daily life is entirely up to you, however, it is important to be aware that social media has lead to depression, anxiety, body image distortion, and self-identity issues for millions of other people. It acts as a constant reminder of what other people look like (often photoshopped), the way other people live their lives (though only the most exciting or happy moments are ever shared), and gives its users an opportunity to compare their image and lifestyle to millions of strangers.

As a result of these unavoidable aspects of social media, spending a significant amount of time on Instagram and Facebook can easily become an unhealthy and detrimental habit. It is important to be true to yourself, know that you do not need to impress anyone, and that your happiness and emotional well-being is the most valuable thing above everything else.

Next time, before you dive deep into a social media rabbit hole, remember that Photoshop and apps like FaceTune are real and that people use it. What you see on your news feed is not always an accurate representation of the real world.

Suggestions to Move Forward

Our recommendation is to lift your head up and start being present in the moment. Take control of your destiny and determine who you are in real life, outside of your news feed and online presence. Please contact your Hermosa Beach Therapist if you have any questions or concerns and schedule an appointment today!