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Setting Your Child Up For Success

Is Therapy Right For Your Teen?

As a teen and adolescent therapist, I know that therapy can be incredibly beneficial for teenagers struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. I understand that on a daily basis adolescents have to face a wide variety of issues, pressures, and difficult or confusing emotions. Often what is most needed is a safe space where they can sort through these feelings without fear of judgement or ridicule. This is precisely what I strive to offer in my practice. Before diving into therapy, it is important that all parties determine whether or not I am the right therapist for your teen. During our first session, my goal is to gain an understanding of what challenges your teen is facing and determine whether or I am a good fit for him or her.parent with coffee

Helping your child get start in therapy is just one part of the solution. There are additional ways in which you can set your teen up for success via your general approach to communication. The following suggestions can help promote a teen who is both self-aware and resilient.

How You Can Set Your Child Up for Success

Contact Your Hermosa Beach & Greater South Bay Therapist

It is my mission to ensure that your adolescent feels comfortable and safe in therapy from the get-go. Choosing the right therapist should not be taken lightly, as it is an extremely personal and significant decision. If you have more questions about my approach or would like to set up an initial session in my Hermosa Beach location, please reach out to me on my contact page. I look forward to speaking with you soon!