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Setting Goals You’ll Actually Meet In The New Year

As January draws near, many people start to think about their New Year’s resolution or the goals they want to accomplish for the next year. Unfortunately, within about 4-6 weeks, most people lose sight of their goals because they set too lofty goals, unrealistic goals, or they had no game plan for actually achieving the goals. This year, as your Hermosa Beach therapist, I want you to think about your goals differently. I want you to set intentions that you will actually meet in the New Year and continue to hold onto throughout the next 12 months. Let’s discuss how we can set meaningful, yet achievable goals!

Only Set Goals You Want To Accomplish

To begin with, only set goals that you actually want to accomplish. If you are not overly excited to start working on your new goal or project, you probably don’t actually care about it. And that is alright! Just because a friend or family member sets a specific goal does not mean that you need to set the same one as well. I recommend setting goals that you truly want to accomplish. That means finding something that you are excited about, and hopefully something that is really good for you too. Your goal can be anything that’s important to you: it can be physical, mental, emotional, environmental, or a combination. Always remember, your goals are for you and no one else. Make sure you are at the center of your goal, there is no one better able to assess the value of your goal than you are!

Be Realistic

One of the most important aspects of goal setting is to be realistic. Once you’ve got a goal in mind for the New Year, make sure it is achievable. Ask yourself a few reasonable questions: Can I actually accomplish this goal? Is this goal too much? Do I have an appropriate time frame? Do I have the resources in place to achieve this goal? After asking yourself these questions, if you need to change or alter your goal, that is perfectly fine. While goal setting, it’s important to identify your limits and know what you can truly accomplish in order to be successful in the New Year.

Review Your Goals Throughout The Year & Adapt

Throughout the year, check in on yourself and your goals. Be accountable to you! I recommend reassessing every other month. To stay accountable, you can write a note on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone. It can be a simple reminder about your goal. And, at that time, you can take a moment for self-reflection. How are you doing on your goal? Have you accomplished it? Or are you still in the process? It may also be possible that you need to change your goal and adapt it to your ever-changing life. This is completely normal. Feel free to alter your goal how you see fit, or if necessary, start a new goal entirely. I understand that our lives change constantly, therefore, our goals may need to be adjusted as well!

Let’s Discuss Your Goals At Therapy In South Bay!

If you need some help deciding and planning your goals for the New Year, please come talk to me. As your Hermosa Beach therapist, I want to help you through this process and give you guidance where necessary. Just remember, these are your goals, set them how you want to! For any questions or concerns about your goals and intentions for the next year, please call my South Bay therapy office. I will be more than happy to discuss your options. Together, we can set goals you will actually meet in the New Year!