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The Secret to Positive Thinking

One of life’s challenges is focusing our attention on the positives and not the negatives. In its simplest form, it is about seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. Nevertheless, it is worth it. Honing in on the good things in our lives and not focusing all of our attention on the problems or inconveniences we face has lasting benefits. This ability does not happen overnight; it takes practice and continual awareness. This is something I work on constantly in my own life and with my clients. There are several simple steps you can take to practice a more positive lifestyle. Try the following suggestions to bring more positive thinking into your daily life.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Positivity is contagious, meaning it can be passed from one person to another. By constantly surrounding yourself with other positive people, you’ll find yourself thinking more positively as well. Take a second to think about the people you currently surround yourself with. Are some of these friends or family members constantly negative? If so, it may be time to gain a little more distance from them. If a relationship or person is continually bringing you down instead of lifting you up, you will end up absorbing that negativity. Ultimately, in order to stay positive yourself, you need to have positive people in your life, not negative ones. Spend your time laughing, walking in the sunshine, and enjoying the company of people who like to smile. These are the people you need in your life.

Meditate Or Practice Yoga

Meditation and yoga are both excellent ways to balance your life and seek positivity. Today, there are many different apps and online videos aimed at introducing meditation to beginners. Meditation is known to decrease anxiety and stress, increase self-awareness, and increase the ability to let go of negative thoughts. Yoga has a lot of the same underlying principles as meditation, though it concentrates more on the body as a whole. Through yoga, your focus is brought to your breath and the physical movement of your muscles, rather than your thoughts. Both meditation and yoga can facilitate a shift away from negative thinking and towards greater openness, happiness, gratitude, and joy.

Gratitude Journal

Many people find journaling or writing to be therapeutic, especially when practicing positive thinking. When a client is working to focus more on the positive aspects in his/her life, I recommend writing five daily gratitudes. What this entails is writing down five different things that you are grateful for each day. These can be anything from your most basic needs to treasured relationships or joyful experiences. This small task helps you begin your day in a positive way and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Call Your Hermosa Beach Therapist!

If you are finding it difficult to focus on the positives rather than the negatives in your life, please call my office in Hermosa Beach. Negativity can be like a poison; it can affect every aspect of your life if you let it. In therapy, we can work together to foster a greater capacity for positive thinking in your daily life. To schedule your next appointment, contact your local Hermosa Beach counselor. Together, we will access your positivity!