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S.E.L.F. Series Event

Our much-anticipated S.E.L.F. Series event took place on Saturday, February 27th in Redondo Beach at Harmony Yoga. The S.E.L.F. Series stands for Seek, Embrace, Love, and Flourish. This was the inspiration for our half-day workshop focusing on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of the SELF. A total of twenty-six women gathered for this transformative day of learning, self-reflection, and connection.

The event consisted of a series of talks by therapists in the field covering four distinct areas of the self: the Awakened Self, the Heard Self, the Solid Self, and the Balanced Self. The four speakers were Dr. Kelly Mothner, Dr. Vanessa Isetta, Marilyn Ashley MFTi, Lisa Petersen MFTI, and Andrea Kahrs MFTi.

Lisa Petersen focused on the Awakened Self, introducing the group to mindfulness and walking them through a guided meditation. Dr. Kelly Mothner and Dr. Vanessa Isetta presented on the Heard Self, focusing on how to develop your capacity to listen to your inner self. They highlighted the importance of being curious about your inner self and tuning into your body’s reactions so that you can make decisions that are more aligned with your inner self. Andrea Kahrs presented on the Solid Self and how to hold onto yourself in your relationships. Finally, Marilyn Ashley discussed the Balanced Self, encouraging participants to self-reflect on their priorities in order to gain awareness of what changes may be necessary to become more balanced in their daily lives.

The workshop concluded with thirty minutes of restorative yoga lead by one of Harmony Yoga’s talented yoga instructors, Tanya Kocsis. This was followed by a social hour with wine and cheese where the women and presenters had a chance to talk and reflect on the experience together.

Please feel free to view some pictures from the event below.

The next S.E.L.F. Series event is already in the works! Future workshops will focus on the following topics:

Stay Updated On Upcoming Workshops

We are currently planning our next event in the series, so please be on the lookout for more information. You can check back on Dr. Kelly Mothner’s Facebook page, or on our upcoming events page. Additionally, if you’d like to get in touch with your therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA, please reach out to Dr. Kelly Mothner via email or by filling out the online form.

We hope to see you at our next workshop! Thank you to everyone who helped make this workshop a success!