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Do I have Postpartum Depression?

Portrait of a sad young woman in her apartment, with a sun on her face, that is breaking through the window blinds

Firstly, let’s begin with what postpartum depression is—it is a type of depression that occurs within four weeks after having given birth to a child. Depression is depression. However, when it occurs after a significant event coupled with physical and hormonal trauma that your body has experienced, its effects can be significant for both mother and child. Seeking help and support at this time is critical and highly recommended. It can be especially beneficial to get treatment in the form of Adult Therapy, however, Couples Therapy and/or Family Therapy can be helpful in meeting the mental health needs of yourself, as well as your partner and family.

Symptoms Of Postpartum Depression

Symptoms for postpartum depression are not absolute—you do not need to be suffering from all of these symptoms in order to be characterized as suffering from postpartum depression. Nevertheless, if you notice these signs in yourself or a loved one, I suggest that treatment is sought right away:

Seek Treatment With Your Hermosa Beach Therapist

Postpartum depression is a difficult disorder to experience, let alone face by yourself. Allow Dr. Kelly Mothner to help and assist you and your family through this stressful and challenging time. Motherhood is a stage in your life that is incredibly demanding, but also a period to be cherished and enjoyed without additional stresses plaguing you. Whether you want to learn more about postpartum depression or seek treatment for this issue, contact Dr. Mothner today to schedule an appointment or call 310.892.2572.