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The Perks of Paying It Forward

As a counselor in Hermosa Beach, I deal with plenty of clients who have a variety of needs when it comes to our therapy sessions. No matter how different their particular conditions are, there is always one type of intervention that is beneficial for all my clients: positive thinking and a positive attitude. One of the best ways to acquire this positive energy is with an altruistic look on life. A great example of this is through the concept of paying it forward.

Why You Should Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is essentially doing a good deed for someone without expecting anything back in return. The person who was helped out will instead “pay it forward” by doing a good deed for a different person with no desire for reciprocity. This cycle continues, as each person does something good for a new individual.

Paying it forward isn’t only a great way to improve the morale of the community, but it’s also psychologically beneficial as well. Some of these benefits are:

How You Can Pay It Forward

From big to small, the number of ways you can pay it forward are nearly limitless. A sample of how you can make a small gesture to cause a big difference include the following:

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