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Part I: The Power of Vulnerability

In a 2010 Ted Talk, Brene Brown talked about the power of vulnerability and how it relates to a sense of connection. She stated that connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and in her decades of research on connection, her findings have proven this to be true.

I find this Ted Talk to be both informative and inspiring. Brene points out that in her years of research, she has found that those who feel a sense of connection display the following characteristics:

Furthermore, she found that vulnerability was “the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love”. Brene Brown makes a case for vulnerability, saying that it is an emotion to embrace and strive for in our lives.

What Is True Vulnerability?

Brene points out that vulnerability is doing things like saying I love you first, or putting yourself out there even if it means risking being considered weak, emotionally hurt, or even physically hurt.

In order to be vulnerable an individual needs to be true to oneself. This means being free from the burden of pretending to be something other than what they truly are. To truly be vulnerable, one must be totally honest with themselves and those around them. While this is no easy feat, it is an important one for a number of reasons. 

The Benefits of Vulnerability

While being vulnerable may seem scary and daunting, the immense and widespread benefits from taking this leap make it worth it. Making yourself vulnerable allows you to:

All of these benefits go back to one thing – a stronger connection. Brene’s findings shed light on the fact that it is okay to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. Vulnerability is a powerful thing, and when you exercise vulnerability, you are more likely to form deep, long-lasting connections. These deep, genuine bonds are what make humans feel a sense of purpose, and they help one find happiness in life.

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