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Mindful Spring Cleaning

Practicing mindfulness is an activity from which you can reap many benefits. Mindfulness involves being aware of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings, being fully present, and not judging your experiences as positive or negative. As a therapist in the South Bay, I often recommend that mindfulness be used as a method to relieve stress. It can also be used to transform what many may consider mundane or annoying tasks into opportunities to engage in the practice of

For many, cleaning and tidying the home may seem like a stressful and arduous chore. However, the process of cleaning can help you clear your mind when you practice mindfulness while you vacuum, fold laundry, mop floors, or do any type of household cleaning. Here are a few ways to mindfully clean:

  1. Make it meditative – Focus on the actions you are doing. The repetitiveness of common household chores can offer relaxation and a way for you to let go of any thoughts that have been bothering you.
  1. De-clutter your closet and mind – You may not realize it, but the clutter in your home may be causing you stress. When spring cleaning, make a point to de-clutter. Get rid of anything that evokes negative feelings and keep the things that foster a sense of positivity and happiness. When you de-clutter your home, you’ll be relieving stress by eliminating sources of negative emotion.
  1. Put meaning into your cleaning – While you clean, don’t dwell on the fact that it’s a chore and you’re not enjoying it. Instead, think of it as a way of taking care of yourself and your family – everyone will benefit positively from an environment that is clean, organized, and uncluttered.

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