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Incorporating Meditation & Mindfulness Into Your Life With HeadSpace

Meditation and mindfulness are two popular practices to decrease anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. Many clients ask me how they can get started with the practice of meditation or mindfulness and I always recommend the HeadSpace app. This application is an easy introduction for beginners getting involved in the practice of meditation, and it can also be useful for those who already practice meditation in their lives. As your South Bay therapist, this is an app that I believe in. Of course, this is by no means a cure all. Each individual client will have a different experience with the app. I would love to discuss the possibility of incorporating this app in your daily life and the benefits you could experience.

How Does It Work?

Application StoreAt its most basic level, HeadSpace is a guided meditation application that offers short meditation exercises and practices for daily use. Today, it is one of the most popular apps for meditation and mindfulness. It is simple and easy to get started with your HeadSpace experience, even if you have never meditated or practiced mindfulness before. The instructor on the app explains all instructions and directions in an easy to follow, clear, and calming form. There are two different forms of guided meditation exercises: single exercises or pack/group exercises. The single exercises can be done at any point and are individual exercises, unrelated to previous exercises. Pack or group exercises are focused on a specific theme for a specific length of time, usually 10 or 30 days. All of the meditation exercises focus on the present moment. The app is focused more on practice than it is theory. There are no chants or mantras. Each exercise will guide you through specific meditations to concentrate on your breathing, your thoughts and sensations, and possible visualizations.  

Make It Your Own

Through the use of this app, you can truly make your individual meditation exercises your own. You have the ability to choose single or group exercises and which themes you want to follow. The benefits will really depend on the individual and what their specific reason is for practicing meditation. That being said, most clients feel better and less anxious after their meditation exercise. I also encourage all of my clients to apply the instructions and techniques in the app to their daily life. Treat each aspect of your life with a certain degree of mindfulness and you will be sure to see a difference. You also have the choice to use the app whenever you want. I recommend starting with 10 minutes a day and building up your stamina. This way you can get used to the app and the practice. Soon, you will experience your own benefits and you can customize your exercises as you see fit.

Give It A Try

Nothing hurts to try. Even if you have never practiced meditation, nor know much about the subject, the HeadSpace app will guide you through the basics. I recommend this app and it’s benefits to all of my clients. Meditation and mindfulness have been linked to decreased instances of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. If you have questions or concerns about trying the app, let’s talk through these reservations. Call my South Bay office so that we can get you set up with an appointment. Together, we can discuss the potential benefits of adding 10 minutes of meditation to your life!