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The Importance Of Positive Thinking

We all know that positive thinking is better for us than negative thinking. After all, those who have a positive mindset are happier and more contented than those who don’t. However, it can be difficult to have a bent towards positivity, especially for those who tend to be realists or pessimists. As your Hermosa Beach therapist, I can help you change your negative outlook to a positive one. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth making this shift in your mindset.

Improve Your Health & Life

Did you know that optimism is a great remedy for almost all health conditions? This is because our minds are more closely tied to our physical and emotional well being than we realize. Constantly being consumed with negative and pessimistic thoughts alters our brain chemistry and as a result, our emotional and physical health suffers. This has consequences on every area of our lives – including work, school, and relationships. Shifting our outlook from negative to positive improves our well being.

Reduce Paranoia & Stress

Negative thoughts feed off of one another. They are linked to depression, anxiety and paranoia. Thinking positively and having an optimistic outlook brings stress levels down. Fear and anxiety are terrible places to live. Unfortunately, many people get stuck here because of ingrained patterns of negative thinking. The most common is catastrophic thinking: when your mind clings worst case scenarios. If you work to change these harmful thought patterns in your life, you will find your stress and anxiety levels will drop significantly.

Increase Satisfaction in Relationships

All of us have been around people who just seem to exude joy. They always seem to be happy, lively, and in good spirits. They aren’t fake, cheesy, or ignorant, yet they are genuinely optimistic. They radiate joy and it’s contagious. These kinds of people have lots of friends and are successful in their dating relationships. It all comes back to positive thinking. No one likes to be around a person who is constantly complaining or dwelling on misfortunes and the bad things about life. Positivity is attractive, both to potential friends, and significant others. A positive thinker is a desirable partner. Positive people inspire and motivate others.

Seek Help From Your South Bay, CA Therapist

If you’re in a cycle of continual negativity and pessimism, there is never shame in seeking professional help. As your South Bay therapist, I can coach you through changing your mindset and turning your negative thoughts into positive ones. Before you know it, you’ll be excited about life again! Read more about my services or request an appointment. I can’t wait to help you change your outlook and change your life!