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Implementing New Habits Without The Stress

It is not just at the start of the New Year that we find ourselves setting goals and resolving to improve ourselves. Girl Smiling At The SunWhile incorporating new habits into our lives is a positive thing, sometimes it can lead to stress if we approach it in a negative or self-defeating manner. Most goals that we set revolve around doing better and being better. While this is a worthy intention, it is important to remember that the changes won’t benefit us if the process of doing so adds stress into our lives. Therefore it is essential to approach it in a way that allows you to achieve a sense of success instead of frustration or disappointment. Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

1. Set Doable Goals

Many people become stressed out and deeply disappointed simply because they have set unrealistic goals for themselves – or ones that are highly difficult to achieve. It is much more effective to create a goal or a new habit that focuses on the process instead of the final outcome. For example, resolving to eat better and exercise more so that you can gradually drop unwanted pounds over time means that the process of getting healthy and in shape is the ultimate aim – not just the number on the scale. In other words, the success of your new habits are not based on pounds lost, but measured by how you are feeling — more energized, stronger, or healthier. Not only will you achieve a greater sense of success with this type of approach, but you will also avoid setting yourself up for undue stress or disappointment.

2. Short-Term Goals For Long-Term Changes

When you want to implement new habits, shorter-term goals are the way to go. Year-long goal setting often leads to lack of follow through and disappointment. The best way to avoid having your intentions fall by the wayside is to create 30-day goals instead. If you hope to implement a new habit, giving yourself a time frame of a month holds you accountable and allows you to see an achievable end in sight – both of which are factors that increase the chances of success and a greater likelihood that the new habits will stick!

3. Don’t Go At It Alone

Having someone else on board with whatever new habit you hope to implement into your life is another key to success. You will normally work harder at achieving your goals if you work toward them with a friend. A good friend not only serves as a great cheerleader, but he/she also holds you accountable. Plus, your support will help your friend reach his or her goals too! So, find a buddy who shares the same goal as you, partner up and enjoy the power of two!

Dr. Kelly Mothner –