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How You Can Benefit From Family Therapy

Family matters have a tendency to be private in nature, which is why it might be surprising to hear that strained relationships between family members are actually quite prevalent. Tense relationships between family members can cause a number of issues for those involved, including stress, anger, and even negative affects on one’s physical health.

Though marital issues are one of the most common issues that families face, strained parent-child relationships are also prevalent. As Mother’s and Father’s Day near, it’s easy to think about how family ties have been severed or strained. Now is as good a time as any to think about family therapy and how it can benefit your family.

What Is Family Therapy? Family

Family therapy is a type of resolution conflict that is geared specifically towards families, whether it is a parent and child, siblings, or even a group of family members. In this type of therapy, I would talk the parties through their issues, ultimately seeking to resolve any past or outstanding issues that have negatively impacted your relationship.

My approach to therapy is centered on trying to embrace one another’s differences, ultimately restoring a sense of balance and closeness within the family.

How Can My Family Benefit From Family Therapy? 

There are a number of benefits that my clients have reported after undergoing family therapy in Hermosa Beach with me, including:

Positive Relationships Extending Far Beyond My Doors 

One major goal with family therapy is to have its positive results extend far beyond my office. By dedicating time in my office, your family should begin to see changes happening at home. Positive communication between family members will make day-to-day communication much more pleasant. 

Experience The Benefits of Family Therapy In Hermosa Beach, CA 

If you feel that your relationship with family members is undergoing more stress than normal, or that your relationship has never truly been where it should be, I encourage you to reach out to me. One of the most difficult parts of family therapy is getting to the point where all parties are comfortable coming into my office, and this is something that I am happy to help you with.

Begin this process by filling out my online contact form or by giving me a call today at (310) 892-2572. I hope to hear from you soon!