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Happy Father’s Day!

father-and-sonThe Importance Of A Father’s Role

Over the past few decades, the role of dad has seen a lot of changes. These changes come as a result of the gradual shift away from the more traditional roles of mom and dad. No longer are these roles so black and white. Today, moms and dads are more likely to say that they share the responsibility of child-rearing and making money. In fact, some dads are choosing to stay at home with their children instead of being the primary bread-winner of the family.

These changes in traditional parental roles shed light on how important a father’s presence is for young children. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, let’s explore how the presence of a father or father figure can affect a child and their emotional development.

What A Father’s Love Can Mean

Although mother’s often hold the position as primary caretaker in the family, recent studies have shown that dad’s presence and love is just as important to a child’s development. Research over the past several years has consistently shown that love or rejection by either parent can have significant negative effects on a child’s behavior, self-esteem and emotional stability. There is also evidence that a distant or missing father can contribute to more serious effects on a child’s development and mental health later in life, including personality and psychological problems, delinquency and substance abuse.

In contrast, the presence of a father’s love has proven to have an incredibly powerful impact on healthy child development. Not only can it boost a child’s level of comfort and sense of well-being, it can also drastically improve their long-term emotional and physical health, setting up a child to thrive in their later years. Children with a present father in their lives benefit greatly, including:

There is no denying that involved fathers support the development of their children. They can foster the same deep and meaningful relationships that we often equate to mothers.

How Can Dads Foster A Meaningful Relationship With Their Child?

There are many ways that fathers can build strong relationships with their children. If you are a dad, the best place to start is making sure to spend quality time with your child. The time spent with your child should be spent interacting and engaging with them, without as much concern on how long play should last. By engaging in an activity that you both enjoy you will be furthering a natural and intrinsic bond. Something that is important to remember is to not confuse loving and providing. Yes, providing clothing, food and shelter are all essential parts of caring for a child; however, more than anything else, your child wants your attention and affection! Give Dad Some Thanks A father’s role is important and can have a profound influence on many aspects of a child’s life. Father’s shouldn’t be considered as secondary to mom, but as an equally important part of a parenting team. So this Father’s Day be sure to take a moment to thank dad for all those times he braided your hair, fixed your toy, made you breakfast or shared valuable and funny advice.


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