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Finding Forgiveness

As your Hermosa Beach therapist, my hope is that all of my clients are able to live a life full of meaning and happiness. Forgiveness plays a major role in this, but sometimes it can be a very hard choice to make. Given how challenging it can be, my aim is to help clients navigate through the process of forgiveness so that they can ultimately arrive on the other side. My clients often experience forgiveness as a great weight being lifted, one which in many cases they have carried for a very long time. Below I discuss forgiveness in greater depth and highlight why it may be an important part of your own healing process.

Why Forgiveness Is Necessary

The hard truth about life is that no one can avoid being hurt by others. The good news is that we don’t need to let the pain we endure control our lives. When you make the choice to forgive those who have wronged you, you are taking back control of your life. You are choosing not to live in anger and bitterness. Forgiveness is the way to live a meaningful and happy life.

When You Don’t Want to Forgive

Sometimes, we can be hurt so deeply that forgiveness seems impossible. When someone has wounded you, it is only natural to think, “I will never forgive them!” It is important to take a step back and allow yourself to feel all of the pain. Don’t repress your emotions of sadness, anger, and offense. You have been wronged, and you are entitled to your response, so give yourself permission to process the pain in your individual way. However, recognize that forgiving the person or people who have hurt you does not mean what they have done is okay. Forgiveness is not excusing their actions, giving them a free pass, or saying that your hurt does not matter. Forgiveness is not for the people who have hurt you – it is for you. Make the decision to forgive so that you can move forward and live a free life. When you make the choice to forgive, you are taking back the control of your mind, heart, and emotions, no longer allowing the actions of others against you to dictate how you feel and how you live.

Seek Professional Help

As your South Bay therapist, I understand there are situations when just thinking about forgiveness makes you more upset. However, if you find this anger and hurt is taking over your thoughts, emotions, and life, I encourage you to seek professional help. I will help you process your emotions and walk through every step necessary to arrive at a healthy emotional place.

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