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What Your Favorite Season Might Say About You

Whether you love soaking up the sun while lounging by the pool, or bundling up in layers by a warm, toasty fire, your favorite season can reveal more than just your preferred weather. Your favorite time of year can actually reveal a lot about your personality! As your trusted choice for therapy in the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach area, it’s my goal to not only provide high quality counseling services, but to also share interesting ways to gain more insight into yourself and what makes you tick. So whether you thrive in the summer, fall, winter, or spring, read on to discover what your favorite season says about you.


Maybe you love the time off, perfect weather, or minimal amount of clothing. Whatever it is, if summer brings you feelings of warmth and happiness, then this may be your season. If that’s the case, then it could mean you are:


If you look forward to family filled holidays, comfort foods, and fall colored leaves then fall just might be your season. For the fall lovers, this could mean that you are:


Those who can’t wait to throw on multiple layers while sipping hot cocoa near a toasty fire are probably winter lovers as well. If this sounds ideal to you, then it could mean you are:


Most commonly known as the season of new beginnings, spring brings many individuals some reenergizing hope for a fresh start. Yet, for spring lovers this season may mean more than a clean slate. For the spring lovers, this could mean that you are:

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