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The Link Between Depression And Sleep

Young couple sleeping in bed next to an alarm clockDepression affects approximately 20 million Americans today. Much more than simply “feeling sad,” depression is associated with persistent feelings of anxiety, sadness, loss of interest, and hopelessness. While the causes of depression are still being studied, there is an understood link between depression and sleep. As a psychologist in the Hermosa Beach and South Bay area, I treat individuals and couples who experience depression-related sleep issues.

Sleep Problems

Sleep and depression have a complicated relationship. It isn’t clear which element is first—the depression or the sleep issues. For some individuals, depression may cause sleep problems, and for others, sleep problems may cause depression and other related disorders.

Psychologists report that insomnia is also very common among their clients with depression. According to the National Sleep Foundation, individuals who have insomnia are ten times more likely to develop depression than people who sleep well at night. In addition to simply not being able to fall asleep, individuals with depression may struggle to stay asleep, feel refreshed after sleeping, and to have energy during the day.

Sleep Suggestions

Because sleep is so crucial for a healthy mind and body, I offer the following tips to enhance your sleeping experience. These strategies come highly recommended by The National Sleep Foundation:

Visit Your Hermosa Beach Counselor

I understand that sleep is a critical element of your mental health. If you are experiencing sleep problems or depression symptoms, contact my office in the Hermosa Beach and South Bay area. At my office, I treat adolescents, adults, and couples. To learn more about treated conditions, visit my webpage or call my office to schedule an appointment with me. I look forward to serving you!