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Adult ADHD Coping Habits

Helpful Habits For Managing Adult ADHD

If you’re an adult with ADHD, you already know the struggles it can cause in your daily life—problems with distraction, forgetfulness, follow through, and so much more. You may miss appointments, frequently lose track of time, and put off important tasks, like chores or cleaning, because you simply don’t have the focus or motivation to get them done. As your South Bay and Hermosa Beach counselor, I’m committed to helping you effectively manage your ADHD symptoms so you can live a productive and satisfying life. Keep reading for helpful tips and tricks.


Make Lists

A great way to get more organized is to get in the habit of writing regular lists. When you’re going about your day and remember you’re running low on paper towels, write it down immediately. When you drive past the auto shop and remember you need to get the oil changed soon, write it down as well. Take notes on your phone, or keep paper and pen handy. ADHD can cause your mind to feel all over the place, so a good way to feel more grounded is to write things down as soon as they come to mind. That way, you’ll know you can go back to it later if you forget. This is a good way to not feel so scattered.


Use Calendars

Make use of the calendar app on your phone, or hang up a real calendar in a place you’ll frequently see it. A day planner can also help you remember things like dental appointments, special events, and deadlines. You can also set automatic reminders or alarms with an electronic calendar so important scheduled events won’t slip your mind.


Manage Your Time

You may often underestimate how much time is needed to complete a task. You may also frequently lose track of time, whether due to distraction or simply not paying attention to how much time has passed. Put a stop to this by using a simple tool—a clock. Invest in a wristwatch, desk clock, or just use your phone to set a timer or alarm. To eliminate distraction, have the timer go off in consistent increments to give you an idea of how much time has passed and to help you get back on track. Give yourself a time cushion by adding ten minutes for every 30 that you estimate it will take to do something.


Cleaning Tips

When it comes to important tasks like household chores, there are several ways you can manage ADHD to get them done with efficiency and not feel overwhelmed. Try the following:


Talk To Your South Bay & Hermosa Beach Therapist

Try out a few of these tips, and you may find that your adult ADHD symptoms are much more manageable! If you are overwhelmed with ADHD or find that it is controlling your life, or if you would simply like some additional help, talking to your South Bay and Hermosa Beach psychologist can make a huge difference. I’d be happy to lend my professional help and create a practical plan to help get your ADHD under control. If you’re ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, book an appointment today, or feel free to call my office at 310-892-2572. I look forward to working with you!