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As much as you may feel you could benefit from therapy, it can still feel scary to imagine walking into a new therapist’s office for the first time. What will he/she be like? Will I feel safe and comfortable enough to open up? Will I connect with the therapist? All of these questions and concerns are completely understandable when you are beginning therapy. I hope the following testimonials from current and past clients, as well as endorsements from professional colleagues of mine, can help allay some of the uncertainty that comes with starting therapy for the first time.


“What I enjoy most about working with Kelly is that she helps me find my own process for tackling personal issues. I have developed a stronger sense of self and the ability to control my emotions and make my own decisions through the exercises that Kelly has taught me. Kelly does not dictate advice, but offers a different perspective to problems to help find your answer to those problems. Her goal is not to rid your life of issues, but to help you enjoy life while tackling those issues.

I initially felt that my “problems” were insignificant and did not warrant the need of therapy. I struggled with balancing my commitments while remaining happy, and deep down I knew something did not feel right inside. I finally took the steps to meet with a therapist, but struggled finding someone that I connected with. Kelly is the third therapist I met with, but the first that I was able to work well with. She helps me explore my feelings in a completely nonjudgmental environment and provides useful techniques for me to tackle the challenges that I face.

I know that meeting with a professional therapist is often daunting to people. Being open minded to meeting with a professional is the first start, but it is a great step towards a happier, easier life. If anyone is hesitant about meeting with someone, or has tried other therapists without success, then I recommend meeting with Kelly. I would not be where I am today without her exercises, insight, and techniques.”

– Anonymous Client


“I have worked closely with Kelly for over two years, during which time I have come to know her warm personality and effective clinical skills. She is a compassionate, astute therapist, particularly with teens and couples, and has been a pleasure to collaborate with.”

– Dr. Alexandra Emmons, Psy.D.

“Dr. Mothner is an incredible psychologist. I have had the pleasure to train and work with her for several years. I have learned a lot from her and know that her clients are receiving excellent care. Dr. Mothner meets her clients with a great deal of compassion and empathy while utilizing her excellent intuition to challenge clients to grow.”

– Dr. Katja Pohl, Psy.D.

“As a stellar alumni of the PhD program at CSPP and my research assistant for five years, I have seen Kelly develop into a highly competent and compassionate therapist. Her commitment to lifelong personal and professional growth speaks to her dedication to being the best possible therapist she can be for her clients. If someone is looking for a therapist in the South Bay, Kelly is without a doubt the psychologist I would refer to!”

– Dr. Susan Regas, Ph.D.

“Dr. Mothner is highly empathic, insightful and skilled. I had the pleasure of collaborating with her for over a year and can attest to her warmth, intelligence and ability to connect with others. Dr. Mothner knows how to balance professionalism and tailoring a personalized approach to each of her clients and their individual difficulties. She is an exceptional clinician and well suited to meet your needs.”

– Owen Petersen, Psy.D.

“Dr. Kelly Mothner is a rare psychologist, and person.  She has a unique way of both assessing her client’s needs for professionalism while also coupling it with an empathy that is warm and kind.  She is skilled to work with all types of individuals, couples, and families. I am confident anyone who gets the privilege of working with her will leave more in touch with who they are and will have Dr. Mothner to thank for it.”

– Jesyka Lueck, LMFT

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